Pride of Baltimore

The members of Fells Point Yacht Club have developed and enjoyed a great relationship with the Captains and crew of PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II.  PRIDE II participates in two of the major events the Club is involved in, so this alone is enough to cement the relationship.  These events are The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race which PRIDE II races in (and has often won!), and the Baltimore Parade of Lighted Boats event in which PRIDE II serves as the Inner Harbor centerpiece, adorned with friendship lights, and booming with volley after volley of saluting cannon throughout the duration of the parade.

On a less formal level, FPYC also enjoys hosting the crew of PRIDE II for a farewell party prior to extended journeys, and a welcome home party after they complete their good will work in the far corners of the world.  There are many welcome home events for the crew to attend, but we've been told that our low-key, Fells Point hospitality, is always a hit !

PRIDE II is currently on such a journey, having departed in May, 2010 for the for a summer long cruise of the Great Lakes.  And at some point in the weeks that follow her return, you can be assured FPYC will once again embrace our sailing friends,

For the latest information about our PRIDE II adventurers, including the schedule and Captain's Log, visit her web site:  

Click Here for Pride of Baltimore II website

Click Here for Pride of Baltimore II website

Canon fire announces Pride of Baltimore II’s arrival to the Parade of Sail for the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race